Motivated by the vision of improving food security across Africa, AFGRI is a leading agricultural services company with grain commodities at its focus, complemented by a wide range of other services. Providing its customers with support across the entire grain production and storage cycle, it offers them unique financial assistance and tailor-made solutions for any challenges they might be facing. The company is a renowned importer of hi-tech equipment, predominately through the John Deere brand and other well-known equipment suppliers, supported by a retail footprint in Lusaka and Mkushi.

Grain management, using world-class technology in storage and gain management inventories and the wealth of experience in procurement of maize, wheat, sunflower and soya beans has boosted the company ahead of its competitors. “We offer structured trade opportunities to the market. Grain is sourced through AFGRI marketing and carried by the raw material procurement business. We provide solutions throughout Africa with competitive interest rates and commodities brought on behalf of the clients. The ability to procure grain through our vast network of agencies makes us a leader in our field”, Executive Country Manager for Zambia, Perry Mapani says.

Working with banks to come to the help of the agriculture sector by taking part of the risk and bringing down interest rates, AFGRI Financial Services through First National Bank provides financing and insurance solutions, as well as equipment service plans for the developing agro-businesses. AFGRI Financial Services prides itself on being the leading provider of customised agricultural finance solutions, with services that are transparently administered and easy to understand.

Referring to the state of affairs in his country, he concludes that “Zambia’s agriculture is growing and the government is interested in providing continuous support to this sector. There are ample business opportunities and now is the time to come and invest.”


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