Merging the knowledge and the expertise into a vision for sustainable development, Akufuna Consulting and Engineering Services represents a symbol for quality and innovation on Zambia’s construction market. Situated in Lusaka, the company specializes in restoration of historical monuments, rehabilitation and construction of hospitals, residential buildings, administrative buildings, industrial halls, technical and public buildings, roads and platforms.

Emphasizing the ambition to change the classic forms of doing business and use the potential of Zambia’s construction sector, Peter Mapalo, Managing Director, explains, “The organization of the company is based on a flexible managerial scheme with well-defined departments that easily relate and complement at any time”, adding that communication is key in all business sectors.

Offering wide range of construction services

Acting as a general contractor and working through its own production base and subcontracting companies, Akufuna provides a wide range of services including design, consultancy, construction works, development of residential real estate projects, supply of building materials and prefabricated elements. Peter Mapalo points out, “We develop projects in different forms of collaboration. We have our own production base with closed and open storage areas, line for the production of precast and reinforced concrete, access to the concrete and mortar railway, and a workshop for metal, wood, aluminium and PVC joinery, giving us the possibility to insure great service and quality throughout the process”.

He adds, “At this moment we have the logistic and financial capacity to successfully execute construction works and their installations in the following types of projects: civil engineering, public buildings, industrial and road construction and environmental works”.

Highly professional and personal service – the key of success

Akufuna puts its employees on the pedestal of the company’s success, employing highly qualified and professional staff and constantly investing in their further development. Peter Mapalo points out, “Three of our employees are currently in China in order to further improve their professional knowledge and create connections with potential international clients”. Highlighting the importance of including new workforce in the company’s activities, he adds, “We believe in recruiting our people from universities and teaching them according to our company’s values”.

Considering the importance of the personalized professional service, the company appoints one contact person per project. Peter Mapalo explains, “We ensure that one person is on disposal of the customer from the beginning to the end of the project, taking responsibility for the whole process. This shows the dedication that the company has to the quality and timely execution of the work”.

Openness to international partnerships and foreign investments

Guided by the aspirations to expand its activities and work on larger international projects or projects supported by Zambia’s Government, Akufuna seeks international partnerships with European investors that will provide financial support. Peter Mapalo concludes, “People must understand that Africa offers many business opportunities. We have the potential to improve many things and develop markets that are unknown or very young. Investors should look towards Zambia and embrace the challenge”.