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Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services, part of the Al Ghaith Group founded in the 1960s, is well known for providing complete oilfield solutions which are superior to the market norm. Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services employs the latest technologies and research to offer a wide range of services for its customers. Al Ghaith has developed extensive experience in all aspects of oilfield operations and has a long history of productive partnerships with the public and private sectors.

Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services is ranked among the top oil-services companies in the Gulf region and is particularly well known for its down-hole surveying employing cutting-edge technologies. Al Ghaith now has a 60% share of this market segment.

Al Ghaith has expanded beyond its home market to establish branches in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is currently looking into opportunities in new markets, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya and Kuwait. Atif Arikat, Managing Director, explains, “We aim to be operating throughout the Middle East-North Africa region within three years.”

Al Ghaith has created six divisions, each specialising in a key activity: drilling and production, rig services, tubular equipment, waste management, lifeline safety, tank cleaning, well services, and instruction and controls. Al Ghaith handles well-control blowouts, painting, spill response, contaminated-waste removal, industrial cleaning and much more. Al Ghaith has also developed a complete portfolio of cutting-edge oilfield products for its customers.

Reliable local partner for investors

Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services has positioned itself as an ideal local partner for foreign investors. Atif Arikat says, “We offer facilities, logistics, and company promotion. We open doors for companies entering the UAE, which is a stable, secure market for investors. And in the UAE, Al Ghaith is the best in the business.”

Atif Arikat adds that Al Ghaith is open to joint-venture partnerships which will bring added value to both sides. “We are always looking into new technologies and know-how from Europe,” he points out.

Al Ghaith is very committed to the UAE and supports a number of corporate social responsibility projects. It also adheres to the most stringent international environmental, safety and quality standards in all its activities. In a very competitive market where reliability is essential, Al Ghaith stands out as a partner to be counted on. Atif Arikat says, “Our mission is to deliver the best value at competitive prices and serve our customers with the highest quality sales, engineering and customer service.”

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