Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa

The four-star Antiq opened in 2006 as Ljubljana’s first boutique hotel. The concept of a bijoux hotel, previously unfamiliar to the city, became an instant success, making Antiq the most intimate place to stay in the artistic Ljubljana. This year, to provide its guests with an even more unique experience, the hotel celebrated the opening of the exclusive Antiq Palace, the Antiq Hotel Spa, which features a collection of 13 boutique rooms, residential suites and executive apartments as well as three unique conference suites and the executive business centre in the heart of the historic town centre of Ljubljana.

The unique location, its history as well as the early 16th century architectural design of the properties are what set Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace apart from the city’s other hotel offerings. In 2007, Antiq Hotel was named a “House of Tradition”, an award to honour establishments which foster tourism development while still preserving local culture and architectural heritage. This year, Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace joined the collection of the prestigious Historic Hotels of Europe and will be featured in Hubertus von Hohenlohes’ upcoming “500 Very Special Hotels of the World” guide.

Executive Manager Sophia Andolšek depicts, “For Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace, the bond between past and present, between myth and reality, has been the central inspiration. The name Antiq derives from the Latin word ‘antiquus’, which means ‘ancient’, and refers to the ancient history of Ljubljana, which was founded around 2,000 years ago by Romans on the site of an earlier Illyrian city.” Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace have been in the centre of several important archaeological discover­ies, which helped to establish their connection to the ancient roman colony of Emona (Iulia Emina). From the findings it was gathered that the location of Antiq Hotel was once a roman military workshop (fabrica), whereas Antiq Palace lies on the ancient remnants of the wall of Emona that surrounded the necropolis.

The logo of Antiq is the symbol of Hercules’ head, the Greek demi-god and the ruler of the sea, which Romans worshiped as a real God. Hercules was also one of the mighty Greek warriers, who accompanied the Jason and the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden fleece, the ancient Greek myth linked with the legend and the birth of Em Hotel, stands Hercules Fountain, a modern interpretation of an older Baroque fountain, which was demolished at the end of the 18th century.

Housed in 16th century historic buildings Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace offer its guests an ultimate experience of peace and tranquillity although being situated at the heart of everything. Frescoes, architectural details and other remnants of the buildings’ illustrious past can still be seen in the properties today. Decorated with assorted antiques, passages feature mirrors and original framed paintings as well as the orginal architectural details. Careful use of natural materials –including stone, wood and lime paints –have helped to preserve the unique character of these protected architectural wonders and equally allow the guests to enjoy more health and natural environment during their stay.

Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace boost 29 beautifully designed guest suites and residential apartments, along with four unique conference and banqueting facilities, executive business centre, three peaceful and romantic gardens, a luxurious spa and a health club, several reading and relaxation areas by the open fire, four hotel bars and stylish salons.
Peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

Everything in Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace is designed to make guests feel pampered and relaxed. For those seeking more than a hotel room, Antiq Palace offers 13 boutique suites and spacious residential apart­ments, ranging from 100 sq m to 250 sq m, each with a double bedroom, living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace attract both business and leisure travellers seeking the highest quality facilities and services, and occupancy rates have remained at 80% in spite of the global tourism downturn. Sophia Andolšek points out, “One of the most important things for us during the crisis was to maintain our brand value. We believe that the point of luxury travel is service, and we refuse to compromise.”

To further enhance its services, Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace will offer upscale all-inclusive packages, including city tours, wine tasting in local vineyards, golf and skiing trips, spa packages and more.

Sophia Andolšek invites international travellers to discover everything that Ljubljana has to offer. “Ljubljana wins visitors’ hearts with its languid charm, peaceful and laid back atmosphere and absence of any kind of hassle or crowds even in its peak seasons.” In fact, Ljubljana, whose name means “beloved”, is arguably one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, known for its baroque architecture, convivial cafés, many beautiful bridges, the romantic cobblestone streets of the old town centre (Stara Ljubljana), and historic Ljubljana castle.

For those seeking unique experience, Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace are the perfect choice. Whether you come to Antiq Hotel and Antiq Palace for leisure or business, our top class hospitality will certainly exceed your expectations.

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa
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