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Adhering to the principles of service security, fair pricing, cost-effectiveness, transparency and public accountability, Compania De Apa Oltenia S.A. provides water supply and wastewater services for over 350.000 users, and remains dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient service, while being adaptable to user requirements and compliant with specific regulations in the field of water management, environmental protection and health.

The water company is established as a joint stock company, with shareholders including: the City of Craiova, Calafat Municipality, Bailesti Municipality, Filiasi City, Segarcea Town, Bechet Town, Dabuleni Town, Breasta Commune, Calarasi commune – through the respective local councils, as well as Dolj County, through the Dolj County Council. Complemented by its highly professional staff and many decades of experience, the company’s technical equipment and specialized machinery adhere to highest European standards.

In recent years, Compania De Apa Oltenia has conducted numerous projects and water and wastewater infrastructure improvements, aimed at extending and rehabilitating its network of operation, significantly reducing water losses, optimising operating costs and expanding water supply and wastewater collection and treatment services. Among its latest projects, Compania De Apa Oltenia will be part of the “Regional Water and Water Infrastructure Development Project 2014-2020” of Dolj Country, which includes investments for water and waste water systems in several municipalities and cities within the operating area of the company.

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