Providing water and wastewater services for 44 administrative units, Compania de Apa Targoviste i.e. the Targoviste Water Company’s majority shareholder is the City Council, together with the County Council and other 46 territorial units. Ioan Tituianu, the CEO of the company, with 30 years of experience in the sector, reflects on the growth of the company in the past decades and the planned merger with another company currently managed by the County Council. He explains that they “have made great steps forward, but still having many steps ahead,which is why we need investment in the environment and in wastewater treatment plants.”

Since 1998, a modern ownership and management structure was created, giving the company full access to EU funded projects. The modernization of the water supply to 173 thousand citizens was aided by €140 million worth projects funded by the EU, just in the last five years. Paired with central and local government funds, these projects achieved extension and rehabilitation of the water supply, improving the sources, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment and water stations which were upgraded with the latest technology. This was a continuation of the previously achieved milestones, which included improving of the functioning of the sewage systems.Their next plans are focused on winning EU grants targeted for small towns, up to 10.000 inhabitants, which total between €140 million to €160 million. Using loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well, Ioan Tituianu and his team definitely know how to mobilize and maximize resources aimed to upgrade and improve the quality of the services for their customers. Even the paying of the monthly bills is simplified, as customers can do it in over 200 local shops throughout Dambovita, equipped with the so called “PayPoint” terminals. The company is proud to hold international certificates for systems of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety.

Arguing for more investments in Romania, Ioan Tituianu stresses that they want to attract many new investors, who will appreciate the simplified procedure for obtaining documentation, approvals and permits, which can all be acquired within maximum 10 days. He adds that they “welcome all investors looking to do business, we expect them to come in Dambovita and promise them that we will be close to them, both us and the authorities. We also win since we will have them as clients.”

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