Péter Horn, Managing Director
Péter Horn, Managing Director

Global healthcare player B. Braun, which produces around 30,000 healthcare products sold worldwide, has had a presence in the Hungarian market for more than 40 years, and established its own affiliate here in 1991, when it acquired Rolitron, a local firm operating a dialysis centre. B. Braun has made a major contribution to upgrading Hungary’s healthcare system by introducing services to go along with their innovative technologies.

Managing Director Péter Horn explains that to date B. Braun has invested around €200 million in Hungary, employing close to 2,000 colleagues. The company operates 18 dialysis centres throughout the country, accounting for a 40% market share. B. Braun’s dialysis centres apply EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) standards, and received the Central-Eastern European Quality Award this year. Péter Horn adds, “We also won the IIASA-Shiba Award which is one of Hungary’s most prestigious quality awards.”

B. Braun operates a plant in Gyöngyös, Hungary where it produces all its bloodlines used in dialysis for the European market as well as infusion sets and wound drainage systems. B. Braun also has a software development centre in Hungary and recently began the construction of a €14 million expansion of its Gyöngyös plant as part of its drive to quadruple the plant’s capacity by 2020. Péter Horn says, “Think of the impact B.Braun will have in the future on job creation, healthcare and the Hungarian economy.”

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