Bagebey City Group

Bagebey City Group, established in 2002, is setting the standard for Georgia’s private sector. The company’s first project was the modernisation of Vake Swimming Pool, a very successful initiative which has become a symbol of the progress being made in Georgia.

The group has rapidly broadened its reach. Nino Bendukidze, founder says, “Since the very beginning, our activities have reached far beyond development projects. Bagebey City Group is now a diverse group of companies with investments across a range of industries in Georgia.”

Bagebey City Group’s current projects include building a 16 storey full service residential complex and rebuilding Hotel Vake. The group also won the tender for a major project to upgrade Tbilisi’s historic city centre.

The group specialises in property and infrastructure development, health and fitness centres, and warehousing and logistics. It is known for its transparency, international standards, and ability to provide one stop shop service. Nino Bendukidze explains, “What differentiates us from our competitors is that we not only build walls; we also offer interior design and more. In addition, we are customer focussed. Clients know that we will meet their needs, and they choose us for the quality of our services.”

Bagebey City Group

Chavchavadze Ave. 49b – 0162 Tbilisi
Tel.: +995 (32) 29 01 69
[email protected]