Dynamic Enterprise Demonstrates Potential of Agriculture Sector

Bakhmutsky Agrarian Union (BAU) serves as a benchmark in Ukraine’s agro-industrial sector. This dynamic vertically integrated enterprise launched in 1997 has built its strong reputation through a keen understanding of local and international markets, ambitious development strategies and a solid financial base.

CEO Yuriy Petrovich Aknyevskyy explains, “Vertical integration allows BAU to survive market fluctuations. Our market-oriented model has proved very successful and our management structure allows me to make decisions particularly rapidly.” In fact, BAU covers every stage of the agricultural-production process, from growing crops (sunflowers, wheat and barley) and producing animal feeds to raising livestock and manufacturing high-quality food products.

BAU plays a key role in driving forward Ukraine’s agriculture sector. It is ranked number three in the production of pork and is the only company in the country working with the prized Large White breed. To transform its poultry and pork, BAU operates its own meat-processing facility in Gorlovka, which is one of the five biggest plants of its kind in Ukraine, producing some 16,000 tonnes per year. BAU operates six production facilities with a total capacity of around 50,000 tonnes and has storage capacity of around 30,000 tonnes.

Boosting brand recognition

Yuriy Petrovich Aknyevskyy, CEO of BAU
Yuriy Petrovich Aknyevskyy, CEO of BAU

BAU is moving forward step by step towards its ambitious development goals. From 2008 to 2010, the company worked to boost market share and to expand and improve its production. Now BAU is also strengthening its position in the market-oriented economy and continuing to improve its financial results and indicators. Yuriy Petrovich Aknyevskyy explains, “Our strategic vision is to become a national brand. Our Shchiry Kum brand now has a 5% market share and we want to increase this to 15% or 20%.” BAU currently sells 40% of its products through its own distribution channels.

Bahmutskyy Agrarian Union

For European investors and companies looking to enter the Ukraine agriculture and food-processing sectors, BAU has positioned itself as an ideal partner. Yuriy Petrovich Aknyevskyy points out, “Our production facilities are competitive, our credit portfolio is one of the best in Ukraine, and we always operate with high-quality standards. We have stringent controls at every stage of production and our Gorlovka plant is equipped with the latest European technologies and equipment. We use only fresh, superior-quality meat in our products, and we are certified ISO 2001 and HACCP.”

Building on its strong foundations, Bahmutskyy Agrarian Union will continue to strengthen its position in the Ukrainian and international markets.

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