Company with a Large Portfolio of Services offers Flexibility and ‘Customer-First’ Approach

Founded in 1993, Beachcraft Investment Ltd. throughout the years expanded its portfolio of manufacturing and supplying by diversifying and venturing into construction. With over seven years of extensive experience in this sector, Beachcraft’s major projects are mainly focused on building of drainages and building of schools. “In addition to our construction projects, under manufacturing and processing we specialize in battery acid and battery water. We import the chemicals from South Africa, repackage them and then sell them to filling stations and wholesale shops”, Director Lewis Lengwe Chitula explains. “Our main clients under construction has been the government and under manufacturing, we work mostly with fuel stations”, he adds.

Beachcraft Investment is a company with many competitive advantages. The company has great interaction with both skilled and unskilled workers, mobilizing them and training them to produce high quality results. Over the years, the company has diversified in terms of services, which shows their flexibility and ‘customer-first’ approach. “We have the experience and qualified staff which know their work. When taking upon a project, we always try to go an extra mile and have the work done within the agreed time and we also provide after service consultation to our clients”, Lewis Lengwe Chitula emphasizes. “Most importantly, our clients have trust in Beachcraft Investment and they frequently refer us to other clients. Having a good relationship with all our clients is what has kept our company moving. Honesty, Integrity and Hard work are our three main pillars”, he highlights.

Beachcraft Investment sees numerous opportunities in Zambia’s construction sector, which is why the company is focusing more and more on this segment. “We are planning to attract more clients from the private sector and we are also very optimistic and open to international partnerships, especially in the area of housing and infrastructure. We are looking for long term partnerships with companies which will bring new techniques, skills and expertise. Together, we can grow our portfolio of projects and help Zambia’s development”, the Director points out. “Zambia is an emerging market with a growing population, substantive resources, and numerous opportunities. Interested parties are welcome to taste the Zambian market, to work with companies like Beachcraft, which offer honesty, skill and good working ethics”, he concludes.

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