Bergenbier lives up to its famous slogan “Friends know why”. “We produce genuine beer for genuine people and genuine friendships,” says Lucian Ghinea, President.

With its production site in Prahova county, Bergenbier is part of Molson Coors Central Europe, one of the region’s biggest brewers. Bergenbier offers its iconic Bergenbier brand along with Noroc, a 100% Romanian beer, and international brands: Staropramen, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Leffe and Hoegaarden. Lucian Ghinea explains, “Our missionis to delight beer drinkers worldwide, and we have been delighting beer drinkers in Romania for years now. We have the best portfolio of brands in the market.”

Explaining Bergenbier’s competitive edge, Lucian Ghinea cites the company’s extensive brand portfolio, exceptional service, dedicated staff and productive partnerships. He says, “Whilst we continue to invest in current partnerships, we are open to new ones.”

Prahova county is an excellent base for Bergenbier, Lucian Ghinea believes. He praises the county’s position, close to the green mountains of the famous Prahova Valley, its proximity to Bucharest, good economic environment, excellent infrastructure and high-quality labour force. He adds, “Through our brands that are brewed here we can declare Ploiesti as the capital of beer in Romania. Our brewery is environmentally friendly, following the local trends in Prahova county, being the most modern in Eastern Europe and the biggest in Romania.” Bergenbier supports the local community, the local football team of Ploiesti among other corporate-social-responsibility projects. Lucian Ghinea concludes, “Come to Romania and enjoy our genuine beers!”

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