Café Dijo

Cosy, relaxing Café Dijo in Gaborone is a wonderful introduction to Botswana’s friendliness and charm. The café’s owner, Willem Schultz, settled in Botswana 21 years ago and is a dedicated supporter of his adopted country. He says, “Botswana has been very good to me and is a wonderful place to live. The Botswana people are nice, non-confrontational, respectful and friendly, and the country has great growth potential.”

Willem Schultz encourages European investors to take a closer look at Botswana. He points out that while entering the Botswana market and obtaining work permits can be a challenge at present, exciting opportunities abound, for example in Gaborone’s manufacturing sector. He adds that FDI will transfer new skills and create new jobs in Botswana, and manufacturing projects will decrease the country’s imports, potentially boost exports to neighbouring countries, and offer new employment options for locals.

To potential European investors, Willem Schultz concludes, “Embrace Africa. It may be a mere infant compared to Europe in terms of development, but it fosters creativity and is definitely on the path to success. Botswana has not had any conflict, is stable, and President Ian Khama is driven to help this country’s people.”

Cafe Dijo
Kgale Shopping Centre, Gaborone, Botswana