Specialising in roadworks and new constructions of residential and commercial property and renovations, Capestone Construction has earned a superb reputation by maintaining the highest quality of workmanship in all phases of work. Starting its operations in 2014 on a critical patch of the Zambian Great East Road, today the company offers a variety of services from the stage of planning until the final product. “We are construction partners who are passionate about our work. Being fully committed to our partners’ success, we take pride in being solution providers”, Director Huddy Mwamba points out.

Encouraged by the excellent client referrals, the company puts specific emphasis on quality control and customer feedback. As the company’s largest client, the Zambian Road Development Agency recently awarded Capestone Construction with the tasks of constructing sidewalks and drainages from Chelstone, Lusaka to the national airport roundabout, as well as significant building operations on the new Sinazongwe road.

Capestone Construction’s management is looking forward to putting more focus on private sector clients and non-governmental organisations, which have shown significant potential in contributing to community growth. This entirely Zambian owned company is interested in partnerships with international economic entities seeking to explore the numerous opportunities laying in the domestic economy.

Zambia offers excellent investment opportunities based on its political stability and serious advancements in the area of the rule of law. The business climate builds upon the nation’s hardworking people and the Government’s substantial incentives for investors. The best way to learn how to harvest the ample opportunities here is by personally witnessing the growth potential of our economy. Capestone Construction is your company of choice; our honesty and integrity constantly assure our clients that they have made the right choice”, Huddy Mwamba concludes.

Capestone Construction
Chalala 326, Shantumbu Rd, Lusaka 10101
Tel.: +260 973 462 027
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