Cargo Safety Zambia

Established as a fright managing company, Cargo Safety Limited offers superior freight and logistics services, ensuring the customer’s satisfaction through an outstanding knowledge and experience in the industry. The company has noted significant growth in 2013 with the diversification of its activities including container management, transport and freight shipping. Wonder Silomba, Managing Director, points out, “Our main service is transport, both locally and internationally, including countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and China. We are not a large team, but we have agents stationed at the main ports and borders, ensuring that the products of the clients are safe and delivered on time”.

Today, Cargo Safety provides transport for different types of goods ranging from maize to metal steels and minerals. The company also handles all types of shipments including bulk, break bulk or containerized cargo and offers customs and clearing services to its clients. Wonder Silomba says, “We are small but very efficient. Our competitive advantage is that we provide customs and clearing services combined with the transport of goods at competitive prices”.

Building close relations with the clients

The company maintains strong relations with its clients, constantly seeking to satisfy their needs and solve their challenges. Cargo Safety provides services for the Government and the private sector, including companies such as NWK Agri Services and BUK Parts. “Our future strategy is to target small walk-in clients from the local market and international clients looking for long term partnerships, in order to expand and acquire a recognition on the international market”, adds Wonder Silomba.

Putting the values of integrity, reliability and professionalism at the pedestal has proven to be a success strategy in the creation of many long-lasting partnerships. Wonder Silomba explains, “We believe that we are our own competition, we always strive to be better at service delivery today than we were yesterday”.

Embracing the bright future

Cargo Safety Zambia

Guided by its main objective to become one of the leading transportation companies in Zambia, Cargo Safety’s future plans include increase of the fleet and transportation of goods to broader destinations. Pointing out the importance of the international partners and investors in the country, Wonder Silomba concludes, “We are willing to learn from our international partners and ensure that our company will become the centre of brilliance in freight logistics. We are dedicated and accomplished professionals and we are here to provide the highest levels of quality service for our customers”.

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