Mukubu Nkusi Gerard, Acting CEO of the Rwanda PSF
Mukubu Nkusi Gerard, Acting CEO of the Rwanda PSF

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda PSF (Private Sector Federation), details the organisation’s relationship with the business community and plans for the future.

European Times: Please describe the PSF and its purpose.

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard: As an umbrella organisation for the Rwandan business community, we coordinate core activities. We have 10 chambers each containing 75 associations, entities in five provinces, and the board of directors are usually the owners of top companies. We have a general assembly on a national level, which is comprised of elected committee members. Overall, we account for a total of 1,500 companies and are the voice of the private sector.

European Times: What is the main focus for PSF in 2014-15?

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard: We want to build the capacity of our members, specifically in the area of collecting investments, for example agro-processing, with the objective to increase exports. This is a priority for Rwanda. Secondly, we want to continue with evidence advocacy, position papers and research to have a friendly business environment. Our ambition is to lead the economy and become a major contributor of growth to Rwanda’s GDP.

European Times: Can any company be a part of the PSF?

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard: Yes, in the past few years membership has increased and advocacy is at a high level. We always involve members, updating them on EAC issues, where the market is at and where the opportunities are.

European Times: What is the PSF’s relationship with the government?

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard: We work hand in hand with the government, starting at the grass root level. For example, if there is a problem with taxes, we can engage with the government and have a dialogue with them. Many issues have been resolved through these open dialogues. If the government wants to increase taxes, they have to consult with leaders of the private sector and this has been a success of PSF. On the national level, we have created platforms and where there are member issues, we are able to use that platform and resolve them.

European Times: What can The European Times readers expect from PSF?

Mukubu Nkusi Gerard: We are amongst the best in doing reforms in business, providing quick registration, high security and transparency. We also have a very good strategic location to access neighbouring markets so investors are welcome to join our business family in Rwanda.