Christomu Construction and General Dealers is a civil engineering company with expertise in construction, housing renovation, interior design, additions and rehabilitation works.

Its team of experienced personnel makes sure that each project is executed according to the customer’s requirements, at every stage of the process. “Our competent staff of electricians, plumbers, builders, welders, carpenters, painters are there to guarantee customer satisfaction“, Managing Director Christopher Mukuka Kashimoto emphasizes.

The company is well renowned for superb work on the finishing stages in buildings, such as tiles, aluminium and wooden office partitioning, painting, ceiling and electrical works, carpentry and joinery, all types of paving, roofing and welding, as well as supplies of window and door frames.

Their clients include government contractors, the private sector and construction projects financed by the European Union. The Managing Director emphasises that they would like to have more customers coming from outside Zambia in the future, helping them to gain wider international exposure. “We are open to international partnerships, which will further boost the growth of our company“, Christopher Mukuka Kashimoto highlights.

Christomu Construction and General Dealers take particular pride in the quality of their work, doing their utmost to uphold the high standards which their customers expect. “Our partners and clients are always our top priority. We value every one of them, and we commit to operating with integrity, honesty and accuracy. Our mission is to provide cutting edge solutions to the ever-increasing demand of the Zambian construction industry for modern buildings, quality maintenance and supply”, Christopher Mukuka Kashimoto concludes.

Christomu Construction and General Dealers
P.O Box 37350, Lusaka 10101
Tel.: + 260 977 602 291
+260 955 513 898
[email protected]