Klinik Saint Jean
Karolien Haese, CEO

Based on a hospital tradition that lasts for eight centuries, Clinic Saint-Jean is a highly renowned professional organization and a major hospital for patient-focused and quality-based healthcare in the Brussels region. The hospital provides a variety of medical, physical and mental health services, performing cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, radiotherapy and maternity services, with more than 2.200 deliveries annually.

Karolien Haese, CEO, points out, “The Saint-Jean Clinic positions itself with three cornerstones in healthcare management:

  • the dualization of the highest management function between a Chief Health Officer and a Chief Executive Officer
  • the development of transmural patient’s pathways with a global hospital responsibility
  • the positioning of patients as the ultimate active stakeholders looking for added value care.

Aiming to develop a modern, multidisciplinary and transmural medicine, the Clinic is establishing a new management model based on the definition of entire care pathways each patient is expected to follow for well-defined pathologies.

This model has the ambition to integrate all important stakeholders as active participants in the setting of those efficient patient’s pathways.


Clinic Saint-Jean
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, No. 32
Brussels, 1000
Tel.: +32 2 221 91 11
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