Confind, founded in 1991 as a private company, is a true Romanian success story. With 1,400 employees and 2013 turnover of around €56 million, this dynamic company has positioned itself as a benchmark in Romania’s private sector. It was built with hard work of the owner and his team and not as a result from the privatisation of state enterprises. It has proven exceptional expertise in execution of EPCC projects for refineries and E&P facilities in Romania and beyond, including in Kazakhstan, Iraq and Sudan. Confind is ranked one of the largest oil-equipment manufacturers in Romania.

Ioan Simion, President
Ioan Simion, President

The company has assembled a highly qualified team of experts, including 139 engineers, and has invested in the latest equipment and technologies. Confind maintains the highest international quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 3834-2, EN 1090, EN14015, ASME, and national standards of various countries. In 23 years Confind was never late with the fees and obligations to the State.

Confind also attends annually in exhibitions, assimilates new equipment (oil equipment, stainless steel vessels, parts for nuclear power plants, biomass steam boilers, multiphase pumps), has its own engineering organisation (constructive design and process design) and sponsors numerous social activities for the local community in the Municipality of Campina.

Diverse product portfolio

In its 23 years of existence, Confind has continuously improved and diversified its range of products and services. Today, production has the highest standards and uses modern technologies: machining on CNC machines, carbide metal coatings (HVOF), chroming, phosphating, plasma cutting, blasting and painting in special environmental conditions, gun drilling (6 m) etc.

Confind manufactures complex equipment range: workover rigs 40 and 50 to hook load, type AM12/40and AM 12/50; technological systems for collecting and separating oil and gas (modulated, on skids) with automatic operation; tanks with capacities of 500 m3 ÷ 50.000 m3 m (according to EN14015), with double bottom and double side walls, floating roof, floating membrane; beam pumping units; test and production separators (SOT); process towers; reactors; heat exchangers; pressure vessels; progressive cavity pumps (PCP) etc.

Confind’s customers benefit from technical assistance in the selection of equipment, installation and commissioning, staff training and maintenance issues.

Confind is one of the largest manufacturing companies of oil equipment in Romania.

Open to more international partnerships

Confind continues to set new goals for itself. CEO and owner Ioan Simion explains, “In the forthcoming period, we want to consolidate our position as the leading manufacturer of oil equipment and oil services. We also plan to export complex equipment to the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia, and to tender for EPCC projects in Iraq and Sudan.” Confind also aims to enhance its relationships with oil companies, including OMV Petrom SA, Petrofac Facilities Solutions and Support, Expert Petroleum, PetroSantander, Amromco and others.

Confind will continue to broaden the range of petroleum equipment:

  • Assimilate in 2014 ÷ 2015 the 80 to hook load workover rig ;
  • Pass to serial production of the multiphase PCP pump;
  • Assimilate new types of pumping units for viscous crude oils assets (textile belt);
  • Expand the range of flow rates and pressure for the GP pumps under production – over 110 bar and 60 m3 /h;
  • Perform complex works (EPCC) in Sudan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Ivory Coast;
  • Develop new technologies for design and execution

Prahova County: hub of oil industry


The company is based in Romania’s Prahova County, the hub of the country’s oil industry for 150 years. Ioan Simion points out, “Romania’s oil industry, from extraction to petroleum-equipment manufacturing, began in Prahova Country. This area has the largest concentration of experience in oilfield equipment, and many multinational companies have opened manufacturing units Ploiesti and Campina, including Cameron, Schlumberger, Lufkin, Weatherford and others.”

High commitment to its people

Confind puts the people in the centre of its work, both as employees and as beneficiaries of their own work. Confind has made a strong, long-term commitment in this activity, where it provides exceptional working conditions and benefits for its employees and supports a number of corporate social responsibility projects. For example, Confind’s employees are offered a free daily meal in the company’s canteen; free transportation to and from work; training; multiple qualifications; treatment for dental problems through Confind own dental surgery; medical subscriptions to SanConfind Hospital; aid in cases of disease; and financial aid for special situations, including natural disasters.

Ioan Simion says, “In a word, the company helps any employee with health problems as well as providing assistance with school or training. Any employee of Confind knows that the company will provide the support he or she needs.” Confind’s corporate social responsibility projects include the church built within Voila Psychiatric Hospital yard and a planned new private hospital – SanConfind.

Personal message to potential clients

Confind has a long history of partnering with western European companies and has produced metallurgical equipment, pump parts and other products for companies in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, India, etc.

Ioan Simion concludes, “Our clients have been very pleased with our equipment performance, quality and delivery times. The attractive prices are another advantage. Confind can manufacture equipment of similar quality with companies in the Western European countries, but cheaper! Who would not be interested in such a partner?.” Confind is looking forward to continued strong growth in Romania and beyond.

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