Continent Print Company

Owner and CEO Oleg Podobedov explains, “We employ the highest-quality equipment, including Müller Martini polygraphic equipment from Austria valued at more than €2 million. We have developed significant capacity; for example, we can handle all the printing orders for the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education in only two to three months.”

Continent Print is currently a full-power member of Continent Group, teaming advertising, printing and IT companies to handle a wide range of projects.

The company’s customers include the Ministry of Education, UniCredit bank and other banks, Coca-Cola and other private enterprises, the World Bank, the USAID, political parties and others. “Our products for these customers range from journals and brochures to a wide variety of advertising materials. Continent Print is well known for its high quality, and a company in Kazakhstan chose us to print a journal called ‘Gloss’,” Oleg Podobedov says. Continent Print has been operating in Kazakhstan for the past two years and anticipates strong growth there once the regional Customs Union goes into force, although the Kyrgyz market will remain its primary focus.

Defining Continent Print’s competitive edge, Oleg Podobedov says, “We operate on a very high level and use the latest advanced technology. We have invested massively in new technologies and equipment to make sure that we deliver high-quality products. We also have eight years of experience in the printing sector and employ many highly skilled workers. Our performance speaks for itself, and we do our best to deliver all products on time and with high quality.”

The company’s future goals include increasing production and continuing to improve its performance and international standards in order to expand in regional markets. Continent Print welcomes partnerships and new customers. Oleg Podobedov says, “We are open to any form of cooperation. We guarantee honesty and quality from our side. Unfortunately, many people have a very bad idea of the Kyrgyz Republic until they actually get to know it. The Kyrgyz people are dedicated and hard-working, and I sincerely believe in my country.”

Continent Print Company

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