Alexandru Badea, General Manager
Alexandru Badea, General Manager

Established in 1993, Coral Impex is the leader of the pest control market in Romania and the second-biggest company in its field in Europe. With more than 200 employees, the company provides professional services of deratization, pest control, disinfection (DPCD) and phytosanitary treatments. Coral Impex functions throughout ten branches all over Romania, including their branch in Cluj-Napoca, where the company coordinates its projects throughout Transylvania.

Within two decades of existence and successful activity, Coral Impex has won an impressive number of local and international awards, such as the “Best Enterprise” certificate from EBA (Oxford, UK), a “World Business Leader” award from the World Confederation of Businesses (US), the ESQR “European Award for Best Practices”, and the Century International “Gold Quality ERA Award”, among many others.

Strong commitment to high standards and quality service

The company has grown rapidly thanks to its high standards and focus on quality service, customer protection through warranties, willingness to tackle any kind of pest-control project, 24/7 availability, certified standards of quality, and in-depth knowledge of international standards and trends in pest control. Coral Impex has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental protection as well as to health and safety in the workplace, establishing an integrated system for environmental protection, occupational health and safety and quality management.

Since 2007, Coral Impex is an observer member of the British Pest Control Association, which brought collaboration with a large number of internationally renowned customers, such as Philip Morris Romania, Coca-Cola Romania, British American Tobacco and Interbrew Efes Brewery. The company was imposed on the Romanian market, closing its cooperation with more than 30 municipalities.

Outstanding results and plans for international development

Following this pace, in 2015 the company performed an investment volume 34-36% higher than 2014, providing increased market share and a consolidated position as a market leader in Romania.

Discussing the audit process that the company faced in 2015, Alexandru Badea, General Manager, says, “I consider that the actions taken by the National Anticorruption Directorate and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration have a beneficial role for the business environment in Romania and help to promote values and a healthy competitive environment.”

The company once again proved its competitiveness by winning new tenders in Bucharest. Explaining future plans of the company, Alexandru Badea concludes, “The tenders will help us to gather resources for our ambitious plans to expand abroad.”

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