Award-Winning Pest-Control Leader Expanding Abroad

Coral Impex

Coral Impex, founded 20 years ago, has steadily grown over the past two decades to become a leader in pest control in Romania and the second-biggest company in its field in Europe. Now with over 200 employees, Coral Impex handles pest control, disinfection, phytosanitary treatments, rat removal and more. Coral Impex now has ten branches all over Romania, including in Cluj-Napoca where Coral Impex coordinates its projects throughout Transylvania.

Prestigious international awards

General Manager Alexandru Badea points out, “Since 2007, the company has been a member of the British Pest Control Association, which brings together the most important companies in this field in Europe.” Coral Impex has won a number of local and international awards, including the “Best Enterprise” certificate from EBA (Oxford, UK), a “World Business Leader” award from the World Confederation of Businesses (US), the ESQR “European Award for Best Practices”, and the Century International “Gold Quality ERA Award”, among many others. Alexandru Badea was awarded the “World Leader Business Person, Excellence in Business Management” award in 2013.

Strong commitment to environment, health and safety

Coral Impex has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental protection as well as to health and safety in the workplace. The company has established an integrated environment, occupational health and security-management system based on SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and SR OHSAS 18001:2008 standards.

The last years brought major changes in the business environment of Romania, but also as concerning quality, environment and occupational safety and health assurance standards. With such context, Coral Impex achieved successful adaptation to such changes by getting and maintaining authorization certificates for the Quality Management System according to standards: SR EN ISO 9001:2008, certificate issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, which is extremely difficult to obtain.

The company has grown rapidly thanks to its high standards and emphasis on customer service. It has also benefited from winning several tenders for pest-control services which have allowed it to make major investments in its equipment, staff training and services. “Coral Impex has developed exceptional expertise in fighting pests of all kinds, from rodents to mosquitoes, pests which are common in Romania’s lake and waterway areas. We have the collaboration with town halls of over 30 towns in the Romania,” Alexandru Badea points out.

Outstanding references from top global companies

Alexandru Badea, General Manager
Alexandru Badea, General Manager

Having established itself as a leader in Romania, Coral Impex is now planning to expand abroad. Alexandru Badea says, “We have never before promoted our company and its image abroad, but we plan to do so because we want to take our business outside Romania. We not only have good references from local authorities, but also good references from the foreign investors who are our clients here in Romania. These include global leaders Coca-Cola, British-American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Carrefour, Kaufland and others. It is important to point out that we have had very good recommendations from every company we have ever worked with. We want our company’s expertise to be better known in Romania and worldwide. We believe this way will also promote Romania’s image”

Explaining the reasons behind Coral Impex’s success story, Alexandru Badea cites the company’s focus on high-quality service, customer protection through warranties, willingness to tackle any kind of pest-control project, 24/7 availability, certified standards of quality, and in-depth knowledge of international standards and trends in pest control. “We have many young people working in our company and we are very connected to what is happening in our industry worldwide. We have also invested hundreds of thousands of Euros in our equipment,” Alexandru Badea says.

Coral Impex puts the emphasis on supporting its employees, who benefit from flexible work schedules. “All my colleagues are hard workers. Most of our people work longer than required. We also have a real family spirit in this company. My mission is to achieve customer satisfaction and also employee satisfaction,” Alexandru Badea says. His approach is clearly working well.

In all these years, Coral Impex did not remain insensitive to the social needs of the communities it serves. The company often involved itself actively and significantly in supporting homeless families, many patients who needed expensive treatments, pupils or students willing to study but coming from families without supporting financial possibilities, or in setting playgrounds for children or beautiful green spaces for recreation and always participated in various events organized for communities, thus also supporting their local councils.

Coral Impex will continue to be a major driver in Romania’s economic development and a successful story at both the national and international level. Alexandru Badea concludes, “Romania is a beautiful country and we know every part of it very well because we have established ten branches all over Romania in order to be as close as possible to our customers.”

S.C. Coral Impex S.R.L.

S.C. Coral Impex S.R.L.
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