Cutting-Edge Metallurgical Research Institute Welcomes International Partners

Romania’s Institute of Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals (IMNR), established in 1966, has been involved in research, design and production of cutting-edge materials for the past 50 years. Significantly restructured in 1990, the IMNR became a National Institute in 2004 with a new organizational structure. Dr. Eng. Teodor Velea, General Director, explains that the IMNR currently focuses on non-ferrous and critical metals, recycling and environmental protection, advanced materials, (composites and alloys) and nano-materials.

Over the past decade, IMNR researchers have been involved in many major projects in Romania and abroad, including more than 20 projects financed by NATO and the EU. Dr. Eng. Teodor Velea points out, “Our biggest accomplishment was to develop the method and technologies for producing titanium and zirconium. Romania was one of ten countries in the world producing titanium and zirconium.”

Innovative new materials

The IMNR continues to test, produce and market innovative new materials, including nano-materials for medical use. It helps SMEs looking to upgrade their technologies and regularly partners with companies outside Romania. The IMNR will soon begin four new EU-funded projects budgeted at around €900,000 as well as a key research project on minerals resources and nano-materials.

The IMNR welcomes new partnerships. Dr. Eng. Teodor Velea says, “The IMNR offers exceptional know-how and unique equipment, such as an e-beam furnace with five guns to apply coatings. This is the second machine of its kind in the world; the first is owned by NASA soon, we hope to have significant expertise in microwaves and ultrasound. EU investors should trust Romania’s seriousness and innovation.”


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