As Sri Lanka’s pioneer in the export of fresh fish, Damam K International enjoys an international reputation for its high-quality products and superb service. This small company, which was registered 21 years ago, has grown into a well-known name both within the Sri Lankan as well as the international fishing industry. The main markets for the company include Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Austria and other European countries, and the US in the last 12 years. With a vision for taking Damam K International to “new heights”, Managing Director K. Ramesh is firmly dedicated to ensuring a “smooth sailing” for the company.

Damam K International’s main fresh products are tuna loins G/G, H&G, swordfish loins, marlin loins, grouper, snapper, mullet, parrot fish, trevally, Blue crabs, anchovy, Spanish mackerel, milk fish, red snapper, emperor, pomfret, seer fish, scad, white fish, barracuda, goat fish, shark fins, etc. In addition to fresh products, the company also provides dried products, such as dried shark fins and tail.

Damam K International’s main competitive advantage is the fact that all its Yellowfin Tuna and Bigeye Tuna is caught in the Indian Ocean FAO 57 Zone with longline fishing. With nearly 75 tonnes of fresh fish export per month, the company adheres to the strictest international food safety standards, using Styrofoam and corrugated boxes with gel and dry ice for packing and transportation. Damam K International is registered with the National Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Export Development Board, the Department of Commerce and other relevant institutions.

Seeking to strengthen and expand the company’s connections with the European and other potential markets, K. Ramesh points out that Damam K International receives excellent feedback from its current clients. “Sri Lanka is an amazing country that varies in many ways and deserves to be noticed and promoted. In addition to Sri Lanka’s excellent tourism potential and the delightful hospitality of our people, as a fish exporter I can say with certainty that we are an island blessed with some of the best fish in the world”, he concludes.

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