Dentas Kagit Sanayi A.S is leading company in the industry for design and production of moulded fibre packaging products. Historically the company was established in 1972 in Denizli, Turkey, as a joint venture with participation of 300 small investors, and became part of Abalioglu Holding in 1975. The company’s initial business was to produce corrugated board, under the license of the Dutch company Leotech.

Dentas changed its strategic focus in 2005, directing it in two areas – international investment, establishing subsidiary in Romania, and development of new technologies, creating state of the art Pulp and Paper R&D laboratory in Turkey. Discussing company’s success, Ahmet Ferruh Erguney, General Manager, says, “In Turkey we have engineering and R&D department – responsible to improve the designs and to produce strong enough materials, thanks to the support of our machine production facilities, in order to meet the exact request of our customers.”

Dentas is one of the founding members of the European Moulded Fibre Association (EMFA) comprised of the leading moulded fibre producers in Europe, as well as a permanent congress member of the International Moulded Fibre Association (IMFA).

Today the company produces environment-friendly, recyclable moulded fibre packaging solutions for egg producers and other industries. The policy of the company to construct its own production machines provides flexible adjustment to consumer’s needs and creation of innovative fibre materials such as improved water resistance cellulose fibres, inflammable packaging paper useful in the construction industry and cup-carriers.

Conquering the world market

Dentas is a dominant market leader in egg packaging industry in Turkey and the Balkans. The company is planning a new production plant in Croatia, as well as market expansion in Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Germany.

Ahmet Ferruh Erguney, General Manager of Dentas
Ahmet Ferruh Erguney, General Manager of Dentas

Ahmet Ferruh Erguney explains that in 2015 the company realized €7 million turnover mainly from egg packaging, but he believes that the market for industrial packaging is unlimited and the turnover can be duplicated in short amount of time. He adds, “In automotive industry we are working with heavy parts and we can make the packaging for any part and we already started to do it in Turkey. In Romania, this year we could have even bigger growth, but our capacities are already full”. One of Dentas’s largest clients in industrial packaging is IKEA, company which consumes 1.9% of total packaging in the world. He concludes, “Today we’re not the biggest in the world for industrial packaging but our target is to win this place within three years”.

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