Established in 2009, Design Centre specializes in architecture and construction, delivering “turnkey” solutions in structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Thulaganyo Tau, Managing Director used his previous work experience on the preparation of the South Africa 2010 World Cupto return to his own Botswana, and expand his business to South Africa, Congo DRC and Zimbabwe. Servicing clients from the design of the building until the finished structure, Design Centre has worked with major private sector companies. “At the moment, I am proud to say that we are ahead of the game in the architectural business world with over 500 design jobs in Botswana and South Africa”, Thulaganyo Tau explains.

Working on large projects which include compounds of over 50 residential houses, with in-house architects, which are always available to custom-fit all the clients demands, the company is set to expand and grow by attracting foreign partnerships and investments.

Design Centre is renowned for long lasting relationships with its clientele. “Our clients love us because we listen, we understand what is important to them and offer our ‘signature’ designs that make them come back for our sincere and genuine service”, Thulaganyo Tau concludes.

Design Centre Pty Ltd.
Plot 575 Ext-4, Sekgoma Way, Gaborone
Tel.: +267 72 971 501