High-Quality Infrastructure Projects Where They Are Needed Most

Dessa International

Dessa International specialises in making sure that infrastructure projects in developing countries run smoothly and achieve results. Iurie Cosciug, founder and CEO, is a native of Moldova but was educated in Ottawa, Canada. He explains, “Dessa International is a project-management enterprise which focuses on working with local municipalities in developing countries to upgrade infrastructure. We work in countries with a positive future and refuse to work with controversial regimes. Our mission is to implement high-quality infrastructure projects in the places that need them most.”

Only the most advanced technologies

The company only employs the most advanced technologies and manufactures its products in-house to ensure high standards and on-time delivery. Iurie Cosciug notes, “We concentrate on technologies that are efficient and effective, because Dessa International focuses on results. The most important thing for us is for the client to be happy. We are a customer-oriented company rather than a sales-oriented company.”

Iurie Cosciug points out that Moldova is a testing ground for Dessa International and that the company aims to expand in Central Asia, Ukraine and Africa. He says, “We are developing the most advanced solutions possible here in Moldova, including a street-lighting project in Balti. We have completely redeveloped not only lighting systems but also Balti’s whole power supply. Our solutions are aimed at responding to the specific challenges presented by the localities where we have projects.”

Another project in the works is to change the way cities treat water so that they can transform fixed costs to variable costs and save money. Desssa is also involved in developing a traffic-monitoring system in collaboration with Moldova’s Ministry of Internal affairs and local authorities. The project aims to reduce Moldova’s high traffic-accident death rate, monitor weights of vehicles using roads, and provide crucial information for infrastructure development.

Monitoring traffic, saving energy and more

“Traffic-monitoring is important in all developing countries, and Dessa International is in the unique position to bring our expertise in this field to other countries worldwide. We also provide turnkey energy-saving technologies which cities and municipalities may not be able to implement themselves,” Iurie Cosciug says.

Dessa International welcomes partners who can help the company expand its offerings, undertake large projects and grow internationally. Iurie Cosciug concludes, “Dessa International is a transparent, ethical company, a company with North American values operating in the heart of Moldova. We have the competence, knowledge, skills and experience to complete our projects successfully. We have a bold vision.”