Providing top-quality tools and other products for the diamond, jewellery and engraving industries is the speciality of Diamond Tools and Accessories (Pty) Ltd. Fidelis M. Ncube, Managing Director, discusses the company’s products and services.

European Times: Can you give us a brief history about Diamond Tools and Accessories?

Fidelis M. Ncube: Diamond Tools and Accessories Botswana was founded in 2012. Botswana’s jewellery industry is still at its infancy stage but its certain to grow.We provide start up needs for the diamond cutting and polishing, jewellery and engraving businesses and we supply and support established businesses as well.Our company focuses on specialized products for specific industries and is the first of its kind in Botswana.

European Times: What products and services does Diamond Tools and Accessories provide?

Fidelis M. Ncube: Our company supplies top quality machines, equipment, work stations and tables, parts, accessories, spares, raw materials, chemistry and all kinds of related consumables. Diamond Tools and Accessories has an extensive portfolio of products which include machines for cutting and polishing, tools for diamond handling, accessories, spares, consumables, polishing stones, mops, measuring equipment, diamond grading and sizing equipment and special packaging wrappers. We also supply jewelers bench-work, tools, various accessories, machine spares, polishing and cleaning tools and packaging pendant boxes.

European Times: Who are Diamond Tools and Accessories’ clients?

Fidelis M. Ncube: We cater to clients working on diamond cutting and polishing, jewellery making and repairs, leather work manufacturing and repairs, mechanical,computerized and laser engraving, signage, etching, sandbalsters, silversmiths, blacksmiths and goldsmiths.

European Times: What differentiates you from you competitors?

Fidelis M. Ncube: As a company, we decided to concentrate on certain specialized sectors which we know very well. Many local companies in these sectors still source and order products from abroad and we want to show them that they can find the same quality from us here in Botswana. We can serve both local and international customers.

Our specialised services are now available for the first time in Botswana, and we believe it is enough to stimulate and inspire locals, especially the jobless youth, to venture into such industries for meaningful job creation and economic diversification. At Diamond Tools and Accessories we also offer free training for all those who want to venture into above listed businesses, and we guarantee a continuous support in ensuring constantly available supplies as back up for their success. By opting to train young locals in these industries, we aim to create our own market box for our products. We have a team of highly dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, dependable and equally skilled staff at your service.

European Times: What personal message would you like to share?

Fidelis M. Ncube: We stock various informative books and literature on all above mentioned industries and call upon all batswana to come forward and get real empowerment. Knowledge is power,start up your own success stories now by venturing into industries that have created thousands of jobs across the globe. I urge all diamond industry international investors to take a close look at the world class products and services available to them in Botswana.

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