Georom International is a Romanian horizontal directional drilling company which applies a wide range of drilling techniques. Its main shareholder is Hidroconstructia Co.

Georom International Company has developed the technical domain of horizontal directional drilling for pipelines using of Vermeer (US) horizontal directional drilling equipment. It also deals with the drilling for sewers and other types of tunnels by use of pneumatic hammers. Georom’s current projects include the drilling for pipelines laid on Ştefanesti, county Arges.

Francisc Stark, the General Director of Georom International, said that his aim is to extend internationally the company’s activity. The company has already completed projects in Republic of Moldova and now deals with the upgrading of its equipment, technologies and skills in order to be competitive on the market. He said: “We are trying to achieve the performance standards. We recently purchased new Grondoram pipe hammers and rented a mechanical workshop in Pitesti town in order that our employees are trained by the specialized personnel in our domain.”

Georom International has doubled its turnover in 2015 compared to 2014, has no debt and has current profits of about 200,000 Euro. Francisc Stark said: “We will focus firstly on our extending on Eastern Europe market and we wish to take part in auctions for projects accomplished by means of our own resources.”

Georom International, with its recognized reputation as a reliable supplier of performing horizontal drilling services, welcomes the chance to cooperate with European investors in new projects.

Georom International

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