Leading E-Recruitment Enterprise Puts the Focus on Quality

Placing the right people in the right jobs is eJobs.ro speciality. Founded by a group of forward-thinking students in 1999, eJobs is now part of Switzerland’s Ringier group. The company was a pioneer in Romania’s recruitment sector and now has around three million CVs on file. Andrei Frunza, Chief Operating Officer, explains, “The quality of our candidates and the number of them are our main advantages. Clients choose us because eJobs is number one in the Romanian market; around 2,000 new CVs register on eJobs.ro every day.”

In fact, maintaining high quality is a guiding principle for eJobs. Andrei Frunza points out, “We are making significant investments in marketing and communication, constantly upgrading the quality of our candidates as well as reaching new companies and new job-seekers. We are also dedicated to matching candidates with the jobs they are best suited to do.”

Acquired by Ringier in 2012

A clear success story in Romania, eJobs was acquired by Switzerland-based international media group Ringier in 2012. Mihnea Vasiliu, General Manager of Ringier Romania, notes that the Swiss firm entered the Romania market in 1992 as the country’s first international media enterprise. Today, Ringier Romania has over 400 employees and is a leader in Romania’s international publishing industry. With the acquisition of eJobs, Ringier Romania consolidated its position in Romania’s e-market and further strengthened its digital footprint, a strategy the group follows everywhere it operates.

Defining eJobs’ competitive edge, Mihnea Vasiliu says, “eJobs is the most reliable recruitment company in terms of results. Companies expect this from us, and we deliver it. We provide the best, most qualified candidates in the market for each job.” eJobs has developed software which identifies the CVs which are the most relevant to a particular job opening and singles these out to ensure that clientcompanies are presented with a well chosen pool of suitable candidates.

eJobs serves both local and foreign enterprises in Romania, including some of the country’s leading companies. Mihnea Vasiliu notes, “Most of our clients are international companies, like Orange, Renault, T Mobile, and Continental. We are working with them on recruitment for their branches in Romania.”

Andrei Frunza welcomes international investors to contact eJobs for their recruitment needs in Romania. He adds, “Recruitment has moved online not only in Romania but internationally, and the trend is expected to accelerate further here in Romania, as this is the most cost and time efficient recruiting channel.”


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