Enescu S.R.L is a Romanian company founded in 1991 in Gaesti, Dambovita, most widely known for merchant wholesale and durable goods. Dumitru Enescu, owner, explains about their humble beginnings: “I was a chemical engineer employed at Gaesti Refrigerators Factory. The first products of my new company were hand-made shoes and protective footwear.” In times of turmoil in the early 1990’s, when customers paid in petroleum products,he turned crises into opportunity by opening a petrol station. His entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethics led him to expand the capacities and build a hotel and restaurant which are yet to be opened. His large supermarket, which started from a humble shop, now is composed of 3.000 sq meters supermarket and 4.000 sq meters space for selling building materials. Competing with the largest European chains, the supermarket boasts a spotless financial record, offering various merchandise with competitive prices as a result of the company’s high turnover ratio and the unmatched reputation in the business community.

Enescu’s clusters of business – leaders in their segments of the market

Constantly expanding and diversifying his business, Dumitru Enescu has branched in the “do it yourself” wholesale, while simultaneously opening a bakery. As with all his clusters of business, the bakery reached to the top fast, becoming the second best ranked in the entire Dambovita region, delivering fresh products to their customers all year round with 25 transport vehicles. Encouraged by this achievement, Dumitru Enescu plans to build another super modern bakery.

One of the key elements of his business strategy is relying on the company’s own resources as the basis of development. Re-investment of the generated profit has guaranteed steady growth and diversification in the past 25 years. Carefully planning their next project, a 1000 sqm commercial space, Enescu represents a motor of development for the entire region. Reflecting on the potentials of the Dambovita region and Gaesti, Dumitru Enescu analyses that investments in production could be profitable, pointing out that “there are still well-qualified people to be recruited, and Gaesti is very close to the highway that connects Pitesti and Bucharest.” Interested in developing in the “niche market” segments, heis working with his usual progressive pace which made the company a showcase for success in the entire region. The company’s success gives full credibility to Dumitru Enescu’s invitation to foreign investors to “come as many in Romania, because Romanians are serious workers, highly qualified, hardworking and intelligent. Enescu’s achievements are, no doubt, significantly due to the quality of Romania’s workforce”.

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