Ernst & Young

Global consulting giant Ernst & Young is the leading professional services firm in Georgia, where the company built a solid client base and enviable reputation. Ernst & Young aims to further strengthen its position as a market leader and to continue its growth trend, according to George Bazgadze, Managing Partner. He says, “We are adhering to best practices and have the unique local knowledge needed to be successful here. We have made a long-term commitment to Georgia.”

Ernst & Young has positioned itself as the ideal partner for foreign investors in Georgia. George Bazgadze cites tourism, agriculture, energy, telecom, transportation, hospitality, and manufacturing as sectors with fast-growing potential. He explains, “Tourism and agriculture in particular have exceptional opportunities for investment. Georgia needs to brand itself globally, and the agriculture and tourism sectors are best suited for this.”

Georgia offers a competitive business environment, including a very liberal tax regime and government support for reforms and in attracting high quality investors. George Bazgadze says, “During this recovery period we see a period of interesting and creative opportunities for businesses. We at Ernst and Young are well positioned to meet the needs of investors in Georgia. We offer knowledge, experience and professionalism.”