Dan Abraham, CEO
Dan Abraham, CEO

Everest Printing House, founded in 1994, has expanded to become one of Romania’s leading enterprises in the printing and publishing sector. The company demonstrates the potential of the Romanian private sector to operate according to the highest international standards and achieve sustainable growth. Everest Printing House offers high-quality printing services for local and global clients and it welcomes international partnerships.

CEO Dan Abraham, founder of the family-owned enterprise, explains that he started the company with used equipments and few employees, and has built it up step by step to its market-leading position today. Everest Printing House now has more than 100 employees, modern equipment and a new headquarters. He adds, “In 2012 we acquired RH Printing and turned two medium-sized printing businesses into one big business. A year after the merger, we had doubled our turnover.”

As a full-service printing house, Everest Printing provides all types of printing support for its customers, from magazines and books to signs, billboards, banners, displays, commercial products, packaging, leaflets and more. Dan Abraham says, “We have a large team that can do basically everything. We handle 60 to 70 orders a day, making adjustments depending on each client’s desires. Our diversity and flexibility are our main competitive advantages.”

Tailor-made services to meet each client’s needs

Everest Printing

Everest’s clients include advertising agencies, printing brokers, private companies and individuals, all benefiting of a maximum efficiency. From the sale department, to the production, every team of the company is ready to assist the client in taking the best decisions for his work. For international customers, Everest Printing can provide full consulting services as well as logistics and distribution support in Romania and beyond thanks to Everest’s strong partnerships with international couriers. Everest Printing has invested in the latest equipment to meet the highest international quality standards.

As for the future, Dan Abraham together with his team and the Marketing Executive of Everest Printing, are currently working on developing an international marketing strategy for the company.

Dan Abraham notes that Everest Printing works to establish more international partnerships. He says, “We want to have a bigger presence in the international market. We offer reasonable prices, skilled human resources, and high-quality equipment and technologies. Our partners can trust Everest Printing, and we welcome the chance to support foreign investors in Romania, a market with excellent growth potential.”

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