Evopipes demonstrates Latvia’s potential as a base for innovative manufacturing enterprises. The company was founded in 2005 and launched production in Jelgava in December 2008.Today, it is the market leader in the Baltic region in the production of pipes for liquids and electrical installations, and it is one of only a few companies in Europe producing pipes with pre-installed wiring.

Edgars Vilkins, Chairman of the Board, explains, “We produce very high-quality products and offer a wide range of innovative solutions. Best possible raw materials from leading oil enterprises are employed. We also have one of the most modern factories in the world. All our components and automation systems have been engineered to maximise savings on materials, energy and costs, without compromising on product quality. We chose Jelgava because it has very well-educated human resources and is located not far from Riga in the middle of the Baltic States.” Evopipes aims to continue to be innovative and competitive and to expand into new markets.

Edgars Vilkins welcomes the chance to form international partnerships as Evopipes continues its dynamic growth. He says, “We deliver everything our customers ask of us in record time, and we are a very reliable and transparent partner.”

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Langervaldes st. 2a
3002 Jelgava
Tel: +371 63 09 4300
[email protected]