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Established in 2010 as a company dealing with imports of vehicles from Japan, Forlan Logistics & Car Dealers Investments Ltd today is renowned for customs clearing and forwarding, offering direct shipment between Zambia and all corners of the world. Their excellent track record, expertise and reliability in delivering containerized cargo, motor vehicles and any other merchandise meant for export or import into Zambia, is complemented with consultancy and after sales service, ensuring additional customer satisfaction.

However, the company’s ambitious CEO Patrick Mungo is thinking big. He is leading a ground-breaking project called “Ekont”, which he believes could be “the next African Ebay or Amazon, a platform where one will be able to buy anything online.” Additionally, Forlan Logistics is working on a plan to introduce a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management System and to expand their client base, which now includes companies such as Zamchin, Zamstan, Formex, and Saloba Construction.

Patrick Mungo, CEO of Forlan Logistics & Car Dealers Investments Ltd
Patrick Mungo, CEO of Forlan Logistics & Car Dealers Investments Ltd

Explaining his company’s competitive advantages, Patrick Mungo points out, “Our employees stationed at different ports and border posts provide 24-hour service delivery. We have ample storage space, and when it comes to the release of cargo for shipping, the dispatch process is quick”.

Reflecting on his country as an attractive location for foreign direct investments, Patrick Mungo calls on future clients, “When you need our service, we will deliver it, anytime, anywhere.”

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