Jerzy Czuczman, Director of FORUM OKRETOWE
Jerzy Czuczman, Director of FORUM OKRETOWE

The Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRETOWE is an employer’s union set in 1993 in Poland in accordance with the Union Act. The union resulted from the efforts undertaken to create a platform for multilateral business contacts among shipyards, their supply chain and other institutions, aiming to share their experience in the shipbuilding, ship repair and maritime technology sector. The initiator of FORUM OKRETOWE was Professor Jerzy Wojciech Doerffer,the first President of the Association and the Nestor of the Polish shipbuilding industry.

FORUM OKRETOWE is a member of the SEA Europe – Shipyards & Maritime Equipment Associations (formerly CESA) an organization grouping the shipyards and ship equipment manufacturers from Europe and from Turkey, as well as the Polish Confederation of Private Employers LEWIATAN (PKPP Lewiatan).

The goal for FORUM OKRETOWE is lobbing for fair conditions in order to enable further development of the Polish shipbuilding industry; creating co-operation platforms for members of the Association; and protecting members’ common interests as well as representing them home and abroad.

The companies, members of FORUM OKRETOWE, always maintain outstandingly high professional level and together as a group accumulate an enormous intellectual potential. They include new building and repair shipyards, service and systems providers, ship equipment manufacturers, cooperating companies and other enterprises and/or institutions active in the maritime industries. Among them there are also universities, research and development centres, design offices, classification societies, banks, insurance institutions and legal offices.

FORUM OKRETOWE’s members assure jobs for over 10.000 employees,which represents one third of the total employment in the sector, whereas the value of delivered products and services is close to 50% of the total turnover of the sector in Poland. FORUM OKRETOWE is one and the only employers’ association in Poland in shipbuilding, ship repair and maritime industries sector, therefore having a privilege to represent the entire Polish sector. As a fully independent organisation, the association operates exclusively on membership fees, without any public or governmental support neither subsidies.

The main fields of activities of FORUM OKRETOWE include: protection of members rights and representation of their interest; creation of an environment for development of ship new building and ship repair industries, cooperating supply chain and research institutions; promotion of co-operation and exchange of services between members; contribution to legislation processes; and representation of Polish shipbuilding industry in international organizations and associations.

President Jerzy Czuczman emphasises that FORUM OKRETOWE is united by the hope and the conviction that standing together we can reach more, that acting together we can mutually achieve business successes, which shall result in securing stable, interesting and satisfying jobs for thousands of people in an innovative world”.

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