Established in 2007, Forward Engineering Trading Company Ltd, as a part of the Forward Engineering Group, plays an important role in Myanmar’s oil and gas sector, providing oil equipment for some of the major companies in the sector.

“Forward Engineering Group is a family business, consisted of four companies – a freight forwarding and logistics company, Prosperous Freight and Forwarding Company, established by my younger brother in 1996, Forward Engineering Trading Company Ltd established in 2007 and Myanmar Petro-technical Inspection Company and Virgin Land Travel and Tour Company”, Aung Myin, Managing Director, emphasizes. The Group’s headquarters are stated in Yangon and they also have branches in Bagan, used for logistics and freight forwarding, and in Mandalay. The company, which recently hired 50 employees, mainly focuses on Myanmar’s oil and gas sector which, as Aung Myin says, has excellent potential.

One of the major clients and partners of the Forward Engineering Group in the public sector is Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), as well as Myanmar’s Ministry of electricity and energy. “Our success is a result of the continuous endeavour to offer high quality equipment for oil and gas industry, supplied from reputable producers, drilling fluids, engineering services, logistics services to Myanmar Oil and gas industry”, Aung Myin says. “We nurture excellent collaboration with the largest logistics company in Thailand, MM Logistics, which provide us with great managerial knowledge and state-of-the-art technology brought from the US”, he adds.

Actively working in the oil and gas sector since 2007, Forward Engineering Group became experts in the field, with great experience and knowledge, and extensive awareness of the sector in which they operate. “Taking into consideration that Myanmar is progressively opening towards foreign investments, our biggest challenge is facing the competition of the large international companies which are entering the market with great investment capacity and technology”, Aung Myin explains, emphasizing the need for the company’s further expansion.

“Our Group’s vision is to expand and develop further in the oil and gas sector. We are interested in an international partner highly established on the South East Asia oil and gas market which will provide financial support, technical experience and knowledge transfer. We are open to opportunities, welcoming clients and investors, because we want the best for our country. Now is the perfect timing for investors to come to Myanmar”, Aung Myin concludes.

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Forward Engineering Trading Company Ltd
Building No.17, Room No. 51, (5) Quarter Golden Palm Village, Yanshin Lane, Yankin Township, Yangon
Tel.: +959 862 4203