Upscale Restaurant Offers Fine Georgian Cuisine in Bishkek

Genatsvale Restaurant

Genatsvale Restaurant brings delicious Georgian cuisine and wines to Bishkek. Founded in 2011, the restaurant has quickly earned a loyal local following for its gourmet menus, impeccable service, two convivial bars, and spectacular views of the city centre and the Tien-Shan Mountains from an expansive fourth-floor outdoor terrace.

The restaurant is very popular among both locals and foreigners. Director Mikhail Shetstobitv explains, “We focus on quality rather than quantity, which is why we attract a very exclusive clientele. We are seeing more and more international customers, who now make up around 30% of our guests. People who have travelled and lived all over the world appreciate our exceptional cuisine, wines, service and authentic Georgian atmosphere.” The restaurant’s 800 sq m of dining areas and bars, which are the ideal choice for special events, also set Genatsvale Restaurant apart from other restaurants in the city.

In fact, Genatsvale Restaurant is often chosen as the venue for private parties for local expats as well as for embassy banquets and other exclusive gatherings. The American Chamber of Commerce in Kyrgyzstan held its Members’ Day event in the restaurant earlier this year, and Bishkek’s International Club is another leading organisation which organises gatherings there.

The restaurant’s renowned chefs are from Tbilisi and Kutaisi, Georgia, and employ authentic herbs and spices from the Caucasus as well as fresh, natural local ingredients. Their gourmet creations give diners a real taste of Georgia’s varied, innovative culinary heritage. The restaurant’s extensive choice of Georgian wines is another plus for guests.

New outdoor pavilion with convivial lounge bar

Genatsvale Restaurant continues to improve its facilities and is currently getting a makeover to enhance the authentic Georgian style of the dining room. In addition, the restaurant will soon have a new outdoor pavilion so that guests can enjoy the wonderful views from the terrace throughout the year. “We know our guests will appreciate the after-dinner lounge bar in the new pavilion, which overlooks the city and snow-capped mountains,” Mikhail Shetstobitv says.

The new lounge-bar will be able to accommodate up to around 120 guests and will be open from 11pm to 4am. Mikhail Shetstobitv concludes, “In our restaurant and bars, we always give our guests a warm welcome. We have brought the heart and soul of Georgia to Bishkek and combined this with authentic Kyrgyz hospitality.”

Genatsvale Restaurant

Gorkiy St. 27/1, Vefa Center, 4th floor
Tel: +996 555 389 988