Genui Systems

Genui-Systems, an IT company from Gaborone, started as a student idea for making computer repairs for fellow students. Officially incorporated in 2007, nowadays this company has clients in the government and private sector, offering services mainly for cabling solutions – new and upgrades, IT support and Office support. Genui-Systems turnaround point for growth was winning public tenders, such as their contracts with government and the private sector. The goal of Genui-Systems is achieving sustainable growth not only as a service provider, but also as a distributor of network and computer equipment.

Managing Director and sole shareholder Nsengi Jason Tema points out that Genui-Systems is one of the three companies in Botswana that are Simeon-Certified, Molex and HP Certified Partners. He says, “Genui-Systems is not just a local Botswana company, it is a company that is willing to tap into the international market with the kind of solutions that we are providing, such as Siemon, Molex and HP partnerships. We want to see the company having its market share in other countries, regionally and internationally”.

With the experience from a number of projects completed in the past three years, Genui-Systems is now in a position to implement and deliver large scale projects to both government and private sector.

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Genui-Systems Computer Centre (Pty) Ltd
Pop Inn Shopping Complex, Gaborone
P.O. Box 5503
Tel.: +267 738 64639
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