Sustainable harvesting of the natural resources is the essential fundament of human wellbeing, as well as economic growth and development. Geo Civil is a top performing company in Botswana working on ground water evaluation drilling, and borehole equipping. They are the most reliable providers in borehole equipping and supplies.

A geologist by profession, with over 15 years experience in the industry, Samuel Ketshabile, Managing Director, explains how his team works on the basis of careful assessment of the customer’s needs and expectations, making speedy delivery of services a high priority. Reflecting on the guiding business principles of his company, he takes pride in the fact that his well experienced employees are focused on analyzing the needs of the sectors they work in. Understanding these needs gives the company opportunities to discover fields which have not yet been explored. He emphasizes that “this gives us more room for expansion and greater customer satisfaction. I am a strong believer in word-of-mouth marketing. I really think that it gives confidence to our future customers when they hear the experiences of the people we have serviced.”

Therefore, it is no wonder that Geo Civil are booked with business orders from three to six months in advance. Their major customers are the Department of Water Affairs, Kalahari Conservation Society, water utilities, mineral exploration companies, consultants, farmers and individuals, basically anyone who deals with ground water. Debswana, who are the world’s leading producer of diamonds by value, have been customers of Geo Civil over several years.

Geo Civil works directly with the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources in Botswana. Other ministries come in as supplementary customers as well. Being always available to support government initiatives within their line of work, Geo Civil is the first call when government agencies have work opportunities coming out. Reaching an average turnover of US $2 million per year, their development and growth plans are based on continuous supply of their brand name services, which have been quality tested by time and customers. Samuel Ketshabile envisions, “expansion opportunities in the neighborhood, as well as in the sector of agriculture, which is a prospective industry.” This forward looking approach is necessary to support the company’s ambitions, as with this pace of growth, they will surpass the demand of the market in Botswana. Hence, Geo Civil is open to partnerships, with harmonious inputs from all sides, laying the basis for stable business relations.

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