Founded in 2001, Golden Gate Engineering & Construction’s first projects included farming facilities and road construction. Today, the company has gained wide recognition for its engineering standards and high-quality work at the most affordable prices. As real-estate developers, they operate under two types of systems. “Either we partner with landowners constructing apartment blocks on their property, and we share the profits for the sales of the flats, or we buy the land ourselves and build on it. We aim to enable people with lower income to become home-owners”, Managing Director Mya Toe Maung Maung explains.

Focusing primarily on the housing sector, the company has also built large factories and office space for foreign investors in Myanmar, including renowned clients from Japan, China and Vietnam, such as the Japanese Gojima Corporation who hired the company to build three one-story factory buildings of 20.000 sq meters each. Golden Gate Engineering &Construction is known for its road-building projects, and although “this is not the most profitable sector of the company, we are proud that we are giving our contribution to the infrastructural development of our society”, Mya Toe Maung Maung says.

The management is carefully choosing its suppliers, relying on time-proven positive experiences in quality and time of delivery. Employing 70 highly trained and skilful permanent employees, Golden Gate Engineering & Construction also awards subcontracts based on specific client demands. “Our speciality is that we always measure up to the customer’s needs. If they want what seems impossible at the moment, we negotiate and make it happen. We take into consideration our human resources, permits and all the variables that come into play and we are transforming the seemingly impossible into possible. We do not promise anything to our clients that we cannot deliver”, the Managing Director highlights.

As a socially responsible enterprise, Golden Gate Engineering & Construction is keen to maintain its vital role in an industry that is driving the country’s growth and prosperity. “Business, technology and education should be the key factors for our nation’s growth. As a company, and as a society in general, we need technical know-how and foreign investments to boost our economy and ensure the sustainable development of our country. We invite foreign investors to come and explore the ample opportunities our economy has to offer. Our company will stand by the investors, providing them with the necessary facilities for a fast setup of their business operations”, Mya Toe Maung Maung concludes.

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