Established in 2011, Graffidea is one of the highly experienced graphic studios in Warsaw, specialized in graphic design and printing services. The company offers comprehensive approach to the production process, starting from the idea, the choice of size and type of paper, the creative graphic design for digital and offset printing, to the final product delivery throughout the whole country. Marcin Dryzek, co-owner, explains, “We started as graphic design studio and after two years we invested in digital print production. We have production line for small and medium volumes, depending on the type of publication we can provide prompt service in less than 24 hours, holding the control on the complete production process”.

Extensive expertise in graphic design

“We would like to collaborate with customers interested for graphic designs, not only for printing services. There are common problems with the layouts and the distribution. Graffidea can solve them easily. The flexibility is our strength”, emphasizes, Marcin Dryzek. Graffidea has created a wide range of graphical designs on printed materials, including annual reports, brochures and catalogues, and multiple publications produced in various languages.


The company provides services for the ministries, the private domestic and international companies, continuously expanding the range of services. Marcin Dryzek says, “We are working with Polish companies in need of better placement on the market, and we are supporting them in terms of marketing materials and catalogues. We work with international customers as well, preparing the layouts for them. We want to be a one-stop-shop for the customers”. Graffidea has highly established collaboration with many governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, producing brochures, leaflets and publications on two different languages, the Ministry of Economy, producing 20,000 copies of promotion publications in 10 different languages distributed worldwide, and annual reports for the Public Transport Authority of Warsaw.

State-of-the-art technology

The company is equipped with Apple computers with very strong technical background and the newest version of design programs. The employees are highly professional, fast, flexible and always on time. Discussing future plans, Marcin Dryzek points out, “We are a family company with a great success. Our long term plan is to develop production capacity including wide format and offset print technology. We are growing on annual basis, in terms of turnover, number of customers and size of projects”. He concludes, “We are looking for partners that will help us grow and become one of the most important players on the publications market in Poland and Europe”.

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