Iceblick, which supplies 65% of the world’s production of Neon and 15% of the world’s production of Krypton and Xenon, was established in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1990 and has grown steadily ever since. Chairman of the Board, Vitaly Leonidovich Bodarenko, explains, “The idea behind Iceblick was to collect a small portion of rare gasses from different places and pre-concentrate these gasses for final purification.”

Iceblick operates two production facilities, one in Odessa and one in Moscow, both with easy access to ports. The one in Odessa is the key production unit of Rare Gases International Group. Iceblick exports 99% of its production to global markets. In Ukraine, the company’s customers include Philips, OSRAM, GE, NASA and the Russian space agency. Iceblick achieved €11.2 million (US$15 million) in turnover in 2010, yet another successful year for the company.

Committed to innovation, Iceblick develops new product lines every two or three years, an incredibly fast rate in its sector. Over the next six months, Iceblick will introduce another new line of products that will include neon isotopes, a nonradioactive, all natural isotope. Neon 21, Iceblick’s latest product, could replace Helium 3, which would help solve a worldwide shortage.

Iceblick is currently aiming to build its own air separation unit to bridge a gap in the industry; air separation for rare gas suppliers is currently handled by steel companies. Iceblick is already involved in major air separation projects in the US, CIS, South Korea and China.

Seeking partners for high potential project

Iceblick’s air separation project is budgeted at €30 million to €50 million. The company wants to complete this project within two years and already has a market for its products. Now Iceblick is seeking credit lines. Having worked with local banks and private investors for the past 22 years, Iceblick is looking to partner with European banks.

Iceblick anticipates continued strong growth in all its markets, including China, the US and India. In Europe, which accounts for half of Iceblick’s exports, Iceblick supplies products from lighting to lasers and energy efficient windows. Iceblick’s windows are twice as energy efficient as regular windows.

Iceblick is an innovative, award winning company with a strong team and a solid reputation as a reliable partner, a 100% Ukrainian company which is also 100% international in its perspectives. Iceblick is a major player in the global market, but the true measure of its success is that it constantly develops new ideas and is always looking to the future.