Sugar Producer a Benchmark for Local Private Sector

Patrick Mitchell, Managing Director
Patrick Mitchell, Managing Director

Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Ltd. illustrates the potential of Malawi’s private sector. It is the country’s only sugar producer and the top single employer, providing jobs for over 10,000 people. Listed on the Malawi stock exchange, Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Ltd. is part of the Illovo Sugar group, which is headquartered in South Africa and active in six southern African countries.

In Malawi, Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Ltd. produces refined and specialty sugar for the local and regional markets and exports raw sugar to the EU and the US. Well known in Malawi for its high-quality sugar at affordable prices, Illovo is also one of the country’s biggest sources of foreign-exchange revenues.

It serves as a benchmark for its “green” practices, producing its own energy by operating a biomass plant fuelled with sugar-waste products.

Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Ltd. has significant agricultural, milling and refining assets at the Dwangwa sugar estate in central Malawi and at the Nchalo sugar estate in the southern part of the country.
The company processes around 2.3 million tonnes of sugar cane per year to produce around 300,000 tonnes of sugar. Illovo Sugar Malawi accounted for 43% of the Illovo group’s operating profits in the 2011-2012 financial year and will continue to lead the way in Malawi’s agriculture sector.

Illovo Sugar Ltd.

Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Limited
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