The Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA) is working hard to make travellers around the world be more aware of Rwanda’s outstanding tourism attractions. Joseph Birori, Chairman, discusses the RTTA’s main goals.

Joseph Birori, RTTA's Chairman
Joseph Birori, RTTA's Chairman

European Times: What is the RTTA’s mission?

Joseph Birori: The RTTA, which now has 42 member companies, works with other tourism stakeholders especially the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to prominently put Rwanda on the global tourism map. We promote capacity building through training, advocacy and lobbying for our members. Rwanda offers exceptional attractions, including rare wildlife, natural beauty, safety and security, crafts, unique culture and more. Tourism in Rwanda is definitely on the rise. But we need to do more to promote Rwanda globally. RTTA encourages investments in the tourism sector. The RTTA is committed to achieving tourism excellence in Rwanda.

European Times: Are you open to EU partnerships?

Joseph Birori: The US accounts for around 60% of Rwanda’s visiting tourists, followed by the UK and Australia. We would like to attract at least 30% more visitors from the EU and we are very open to partnerships with EU travel companies. The RTTA invites European travel operators to partner with us in promoting Rwanda. They will see for themselves that Rwanda is a fantastic destination with many investment opportunities.