Ramon Abaroa Carranza, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain
Ramon Abaroa Carranza, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain

Establishing diplomatic relations in 1994, Macedonia and Spain nurture fruitful cooperation and strong bilateral relations for nearly 23 years. Emphasizing the solid foundation of the bilateral relations based on shared principles and values, Ramon Abaroa Carranza, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Macedonia, discusses the existing cooperation and current investments.

European Times: How would you describe the bilateral relations between the two countries?

Ramon Abaroa Carranza: Macedonia and Spain have excellent bilateral relations, characterized by mutual support and cooperation in numerous fields, including politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, tourism and education. Spain has always supported the Euro-Atlantic perspective of Macedonia, and the main mission of our embassy is to help and encourage the necessary reforms which will bring the country closer to the EU and NATO.

European Times: What are some of the major Spanish investments in Macedonia?

Ramon Abaroa Carranza: Spanish investors show a growing interest in investing in Macedonia.Currently there are several major Spanish companies present in the country in various different fields. Rubau, a Spanish building company, is working on the construction of Corridor 10 near Kavadarci. Furthermore, there is FCC, a Spanish multinational company recognized as worldwide leader specialized in environment, water and infrastructure works, as well as the Spanish international companies Eptisa and Idom, which offer professional integrated services in consulting, engineering and architecture and which are currently working on several project on local and national level. Additionally, there is Indra, one of the main global consulting and technology companies which worked with the Macedonian Ministry of Defence, as well as Seat, a Spanish automobile manufacturer and one of the global titans of the automobile industry. The presence of these companies is beneficial for Macedonia, since their specialties fit remarkably well with what this country needs for its future development, especially in the sectors of engineering, public works, environment and tourism.

European Times: What is your vision for the future perspectives of Macedonia and for the bilateral cooperation between the two countries?

Ramon Abaroa Carranza: With over two decades of excellent cooperation, our Embassy in Skopje is firmly dedicated to strengthening the bilateral relations and expanding the cooperation even further. I am confident that the bilateral cooperation between our countries will expand even further, especially in terms of increasing the volume of trade and investments. With a direct flight now available from Skopje to Barcelona, we have also witnessed a significant increase in the number of Macedonian tourist visiting Spain and vice versa.I think that Macedonia, being a young country, is full of energy and full of possibilities. I believe that Macedonia is truly a European country, not only geographically but culturally as well, which is why aiding the country’s aspirations for Euro-Atlantic integration is my main priority as Ambassador.