Kebo Holdings

As Botswana’s most prominent group of service delivery companies and top-class brands, Kebo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is committed to delivering the best possible service to all its local, regional and international clients. With an initial vision of becoming a giant in engineering and construction services, the company has grown rapidly to diversify into other thriving markets, which have led to an impressive record of success since its establishment in 1999. Being a 100% citizen owned company, Kebo Holdings is a household name not only in the construction and engineering sector, but also in every market sector in which it operates, including commercial, education, government, leisure & culture, energy and utilities.

Kebo Holdings is a member of AEMCB and BOCCIM, and has several subsidiaries in Gaborone. In addition to Kebo Engineering & Construction, other subsidiaries include Kebo Electrical; Kebo Transport and Logistics; Kebo Beauty & Massage Spa; Kebo Hair Saloon; and Kebo Home Decor.

Kebo Engineering & Construction is the main division which primarily focuses on execution of contract works in the construction sector, predominantly steel & mechanical engineering and building construction. This division works hand in hand with the other Kebo divisions such as the Kebo Electrical Wholesale and Electrical Contracting to deliver an all-encompassing service and products on construction projects. Their clients include the government, parastatals, private companies and even individuals.With impeccable building construction and superb maintenance team, comprised of experienced and dynamic construction professionals, highly skilled tradesmen and a hardworking labour force, Kebo Engineering & Construction is a leader in Botswana’s growing construction sector.

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Kebo Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
Plot 1073, Tlokweng Industrial Site, Gaborone
Tel.: + 267 391 1101