Kharkiv Tractor Plant is making an important contribution to the Kharkiv region’s economic growth. The company produces a wide range of tractors and other industrial equipment, and achieves around €100 million in sales per year. The plant produces for the domestic market, particularly large-scale farming operations, and exports around 80% of its production to markets throughout the CIS region – particularly Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan –as well as to Africa and, more recently, Cuba.

CEO Vladislav Gubin points out that Kharkiv Tractor Plant produces tractors with a capacity of 125 horsepower up to around 300 horsepower. The company also manufactures a front-loader and recently began to produce a cutting-edge TS10 bulldozer to be used for construction and road projects. He says, “The most important sphere for us is the agricultural sector, but we also produce equipment which can be used for utilities projects for municipalities.”

Modern production processes using Toyota technologies

Kharkiv Tractor Plant continuously upgrades its production processes and will launch a new system in March 2014 which the company developed in partnership with Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute. Kharkiv Tractor Plant has its own design and technical division and is currently standardizing its work stations using a Japanese system from Toyota.

In fact, the company is partnering with Toyota extensively in its current plant upgrade. Vladislav Gubin explains, “Using Toyota systems, we are increasing our production capacity and making our operations more efficient. We are also adopting energy-saving technologies. Representatives from Toyota regularly visit our plant to train our specialists in operating these new systems.”

Vladislav Gubin says that Kharkiv Tractor Company’s growth strategy involves producing 1,000 tractors per year. The company also aims to export to EU markets while also boosting its exports to countries in Africa and elsewhere. He says, “We will be equipping our tractors with new engines and transmission systems which meet the highest EU and international standards. We are also developing new cabins for our tractors.”

Kharkiv Tractor Company aims to produce even better products in the future while remaining very competitive on prices. As Vladislav Gubin points out, “This is a transparent company and we provide good working conditions for our employees. We always fulfil our orders on time and have good relationships with our customers. We invite prospective customers, investors and partners to visit our factory and see for themselves what we are accomplishing here.”

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