Romans Astapovs, CEO and Vladislavs Aleksejevs, Co-Owner
Romans Astapovs, CEO and Vladislavs Aleksejevs, Co-Owner

Through its dedication to serving its customers, Lara Polygraphy has expanded from an advertising agency into a diversified advertising, design and printing enterprise which is ranked among Riga’s top 10 printing companies. Lara Polygraphy is well known for its cutting-edge technologies, highly-skilled design team, and excellent quality-price ratio.

In fact, Lara Polygraphy has evolved to become a true one-stop shop. Owner Romans Astapovs explains, “Our advertising customers asked us to find good printing houses we could work with, since it is more efficient for designers and printers to work together. We decided to invest in our own printing plant in 2006, and we have grown steadily ever since. We are able to offer a full range of services, from design through printing, all at very attractive prices.”

Design and printing of all kinds of materials

Lara Polygraphy (also known as Print Group) designs and produces all kinds of materials, from logos, business cards, catalogues and calendars to magazines, books, newspapers, folders, brochures, cup-holders, paper bags and much more. The company also designs logos and helps develop corporate identities, and is able to work with diverse materials and formats, including wide formats for film, flash animation and PVC banners. Lara Polygraphy sometimes partners with sub-contractors for certain aspects of projects in order to streamline its services for its customers.

Romans Astapovs notes that Lara Polygraphy also provides full self-publishing services and is able to offer limited print runs so that customers will not have to order more copies of their books than they want. He says, “To be able to print your own book and carry on your legacy is a feeling we think every writer should be able to achieve, without the restraints and risks of having to order a minimum of 1,000 copies. As designers and printers, our goal is to help you achieve your printing and publishing dreams. Now every artist, photographer, blogger and writer can share their art with the world in a book or magazine.”

Reliable supplier for European companies

While Lara Polygraphy has been concentrating on the Latvian market, it is beginning to market itself to customers elsewhere in Europe. The company definitely has what it takes to serve all kinds of customers in Latvia and beyond. Romans Astapovs explains, “I anticipate doubling our annual turnover from €1 million today to €2 million within two years. We are enhancing our website and online presence so that potential customers can find us more easily. We are not a big printing company, but we know the Latvian market and we know how and where we can get good prices, good production terms and good quality. Customers outside Latvia will not need to research the Latvian market and look for a lot of advertising and printing suppliers here, because we can do the entire job for them.”

Lara Polygraphy has already had impressive success in attracting customers from abroad. Scandinavian advertising agencies, French tourism companies, Russian publishing houses, various airlines and the embassies of several countries are just a few of the international customers who have contacted Lara Polygraphy for their advertising and printing needs in Latvia.

The company’s local clientele includes banks, pharmacies, trading companies, publishing groups and enterprises active in foreign markets. Romans Astapovs points out, “We welcome all kinds of customers, whether they are individuals or small, medium-sized or large companies. As a mediumsized enterprise ourselves, we are able to be very flexible and to make decisions rapidly, which speeds up the whole process for our customers.”

Focus on tailor-made services

Lara Polygraphy prides itself on its tailor-made services,which include finding ways to reduce customers’ costs while also ensuring high quality. Romans Astapovs explains, “With us, there is no minimum printing quantity; we give you exactly the amount that you need. This means that you do not lose money by printing too many copies. Lara Polygraphy also offers the latest technologies and finishing equipment and a dedicated design team so that you can be sure you can count on us for a great personalised product.”

As an additional incentive, the company is currently giving a 10% discount on orders of more than €1,000 and a 30% discount for customers establishing a year-long partnership with Lara Polygraphy. Potential clients can also get quotes for jobs online.

Lara Polygraphy continues to invest in new equipment and technologies to ensure that its processes are as efficient as possible and that it can meet its customers’ deadlines. Romans Astapovs says, “We will always offer high quality at attractive prices to satisfy our customers’ needs in every way. I never say ‘no’ to a client! We are eager to prove our reliability to you.” He welcomes the chance to form new partnerships and to explore new opportunities with investors, customers and companies throughout Europe and beyond.

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