Antargaz has been a prominent leader in supplying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over the past 70 years – in fact it is the top supplier of LPG in Belgium, where the company controls over 1/3 of the market. Explaining his company’s success story, CEO Georges Sciberras says, “We supply LPG and natural gas throughout the whole territory of Belgium, and since a couple of years ago the LPG market has been growing as an increasing number of customers choose this clean energy option.”

Over the past decade, Antargaz Belgium has consistently implemented innovative solutions to adapt to the ever changing customer needs. As an SME itself, it excels at serving mainly other SMEs, which also helps the company manage its risk. In 2013, Antargaz reinvented itself by adding to its portfolio the supply of natural gas in addition to LPG, while maintaining its focus on being a customer-oriented company. As Georges Sciberras points out, “These strategies overtime have resulted in stable growth.”

An innovator in its field, Antargaz was the first gas supplier in Belgium to launch underground tanks. It further uses smaller gas cylinders which are lightweight and easy to handle. In the natural gas segment Antargaz also distinguishes itself with its choice of customers – while its client list includes government offices, trade associations and individual customers, its core focus in Belgium remains with supplying to SMEs. As Georges Sciberras points out, “Antargaz stands out from its competitors by offering a full-service package for all of its customers, which guarantees a low price and a high level of service without preferential treatment.”

CEO Georges Sciberras

With the evolution of the traditional energy market, Antargaz has adopted to providing efficient solutions for customers interested in using renewable energy, but also looking for affordable energy options. Georges Sciberras says “Building companies who have chosen the non-traditional solutions currently available on the market are disappointed and have turned back to the gas solution. For example, electricity costs in Belgium have risen by 30% and heat pumps rely on electricity, so gas is much cheaper than heat pumps.” To respond to customers’ hunger for sustainable energy, Antargaz offers a combination of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas with renewable energies. Additionally, one of the main objectives of the company is to work hard on helping its customers reduce their energy consumption.

As Georges Sciberras points out, choosing Belgium as a business base has innumerable advantages and Antargaz is prepared to welcome and service investors in the country. He explains that “There is a misconception that Belgium has high energy costs, while it is in fact a global leader in reducing energy consumption, for example through strategic construction, which effectively manages energy loss. This means that for investors in Belgium, overall energy costs are indeed very attractive.”

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