White & Case is synonymous with extensive legal expertise and unparalleled client service worldwide across practices and jurisdictions. Founded in the United States, the firm is a pioneer in the internationalization of the legal profession, establishing its office in Warsaw, Poland, in 1991. Marcin Studniarek, Office Executive Partner of the Warsaw office, emphasizes, “We are one of the first international firms that entered the Polish market in the early 90s, we have been in the country for more than 25 years and we went through all the phases of the young Polish economy.”

White & Case in Poland employs nearly 50 highly experienced senior lawyers, mainly focusing on exceptionally complex international matters. The firm has evolved into one of the leading practices in all major areas of business law, and it has developed an outstanding reputation in numerous high-profile, pioneering transactions. Marcin Studniarek says, “We act as a legal bridge between Poland and the international business world, providing seamless, cross-practice, cross-border service to US and international clients that do business in Poland and to Polish clients expanding their businesses abroad.”

Extensive Range of High-Level Law Services

“Our Warsaw office is fully integrated with the whole White & Case network, including in particular the offices in London and New York, which helps us tremendously in advising on our client’s most complex and important business matters. We target top level work and we are perceived as one of the most prominent, top three firms in Poland in terms of providing exceptional legal services to all types of clients,” explains Marcin Studniarek.

Marcin Studniarek, Office Executive Partner of the Warsaw office
Marcin Studniarek, Office Executive Partner of the Warsaw office

The firm provides expert counsel for clients such as financial institutions, large companies, entrepreneurs and private investors in different areas including energy, mining, telecommunications, real estate and finance. Marcin Studniarek says, “We are particularly strong in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, banking and litigation. Our business model is very close to the business model of investment banks.” White & Case also works closely with the Polish government and state-owned companies to resolve highly complex matters. Marcin Studniarek adds, “For the last eight years, we have been one of the preferred advisors to the Ministry of Finance.”

A Blend of Essential Knowledge, Global Experience and Innovative Approach

White & Case’s success in Poland is founded on its ability to combine deep knowledge of issues relevant to clients, global experience and extensive expertise in a wide range of areas. We are known for our ability to tailor innovative approaches and deliver unique solutions to clients. Marcin Studniareksays, “The Polish government issued the first green bonds with our full support, and that was a precedent. Several months ago, we were also involved in the first international covered bond issuance program of mortgage bonds under Polish law, with a value of €4 billion, as well as the first issue of Polish covered bonds on the international market performed by PKO Bank Hipoteczny S.A., and recently we were involved in the region’s largest private equity-backed IPO.” He concludes, “Our real strength is the combination of our knowledge in different areas. We strive to be a partner for our clients and assist them in making rational business decisions under the existing legal structures.”

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